This April, we were blessed to host Pastor Shyam from India (a ministry we support) on his first visit to the eastern United States. In ministry for 40 years, he pastors several churches and also oversees orphanages in Taiwan and India. For the first time ever, he felt led to share his testimony while here with us. We were blessed to have him with us and be a refreshing place for him. Pastor Karl Gessler from Hendersonville, NC, also joined us for a prayer and deliverance service. It was a great night, and many were ministered to and blessed.

God continues to amaze us every month, and April was no exception. We held our monthly Prayer Breakfast and 12-hour prayer and worship gathering, drawing us deeper into the Presence of God and establishing the Lord’s presence on the grounds. A visitor that came to us from Alabama helped with the 12-hour prayer and worship and worked on the grounds for a few weeks. Our team also began recruiting volunteers to join our prayer team this month, growing it to 26 members. For more information about how you can get involved with the prayer team, contact Todd Ferebee, our Prayer Director, at

Our summer schedule will begin the first weekend of June and end the first weekend of September. During this period, we will have:

  • Our monthly Regional Prayer Breakfast in the Dining Hall at 9 AM on the first Saturday of each month
  • The Discipleship Class will be held weekly from 3:00-4:30 PM on Saturday with Mr. Bill Long. This class will meet in the Altar Room.

  • The Gathering will follow the discipleship class at 5 PM with a time of regional fellowship, worship, and the word.
  • We are planning to host a Football Camp and Discipleship Camps for the youth.

There are multiple projects to complete in preparation for Summer events approaching rapidly. We need willing hands and hearts to help accomplish these goals. Are you able to assist? To see all the ways you can help go to

Call or text Scott Murphy if you are willing to join our efforts: (252)702-0004

The Lord is moving mightily in this place and through our team. He is calling us to greater service and commitment. We are purposefully following this calling, growing this army, and working to be a “Beacon of Light” in this world. We genuinely appreciate your partnering with us. You have a standing invitation to visit us.

We are blessed and encouraged by the testimonial that follows!


The Father’s Refuge Team


In November 2021, I was bound by fear and anxiety. I needed to know why I was here. Why I had to even be born was something I questioned. God told me that to find me, I had to find Him. I needed to understand His nature and who He is if I was going to have a chance at understanding who I was.

I went into seeking God on steroids. Every moment possible was spent reading the Word and listening to preaching, lectures, and teachings backed by the Word. I studied to the point of mental exhaustion many times, but once I got to this place I was in, I could not, nor can I now, learn enough. He has shown Himself to me in ways I cannot explain in this short writing, but I hope to share more over time.

Playing in the worship and prayer services hosted by The Father’s Refuge has grown me and helped to shape me in the calling God has placed on my life. Out of the time I’ve spent in the secret place, He’s grown me in the public place in my worship. Playing and singing at the Father’s Refuge was the first time God called me out to stand alone, leading worship. The Holy Spirit has grown me in leaps and bounds vocally, mentally, and emotionally every time I have had the opportunity to play and worship here. Whether it was an audience of one person or many people, as I poured out my heart to Him in Worship, I experienced His tangible presence. The days following my worship are when I seem to have the most “what’s not like Him” revelations. I’m forever grateful to God for placing me in the right atmosphere to grow in His presence.

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The work of The Father’s Refuge is to be a beacon of hope to the lost and hurting, lighting their way into a relationship with Jesus Christ through Christian leadership, gatherings, discipleship, and ministry guidance.