Listed below are projects in Need

Project 1

We are excited to announce our ongoing efforts to enhance cabins 2 through 5. With improved insulation, new windows, upgraded interior walls, and air conditioning, these cabins will provide year-round comfort. Cabin 4 is ready for occupancy, while cabin 5 is currently 75% complete. We anticipate the total cost of these renovations to be $23,000.

Project Progress 50%

Project 2

The camp is currently undergoing renovations to transform cabins 1 and 6 into four separate living spaces for camp leaders, elders, and visiting international missionaries. The remodeling includes the addition of bathrooms, closets, and a flexible open living area. Work has already started on cabin 1 and a portion of cabin 6, as these are a top priority. The estimated cost for completing this project is $40,000.

Project Progress 10%

Project 3

Our 40-acre property boasts a beautiful pond at the back, but it requires some maintenance. Specifically, we need to remove a layer of algae from the bottom of the pond, add Airmax Aeration Systems for better water quality, and treat the water. Additionally, we plan to renovate our dock and other wooden structures. We estimate the total cost to be approximately $12,000.

Project Progress 7%

Project 4

Our property’s gym has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s and possesses a unique potential. However, it requires extensive renovations to bring it up to par. Specifically, we aim to replace the flooring and doors, install an AC system, and address the electrical, plumbing, and roofing issues. The gym serves as a versatile space for community gatherings and a variety of events. To achieve our desired improvements for the upcoming season, we anticipate a budget of $250,000.

Project Progress 5%

Project 5

There has been a 110,000 gallon pool with a slide at this camp for several years. It provides a great venue for fellowship and exercise for seniors and others, and is also a wonderful place for baptism. However, it requires some much-needed repairs and updates. The pump house needs to be reworked due to busted pipes, and there are minor cracks in the concrete sides that need repairing. We also plan to upgrade the pool into a saltwater pool. To make this project happen, we estimate that we need about $30,000 to get it to where it needs to be.

Project Progress 0%